I will never forget the day I found the 'Step In Time Dance Studio' web site.  It was just what my husband and I were looking for.  "Anyone can do it, whether or not you have danced before, believe you have the co-ordination of two left feet, think you are an impossible case who is unteachable, or do not know your left from your right... Do not despair - my classes are just right for you!"   This was us to a tee. 

Whilst I had done some dancing as a teenager (back in the 60's) my husband had never danced before.  I contacted Martyn who was very positive and we agreed that we would have a couple of one-to-one lessons, arranged to suit us, before joining a class.

Martyn is an amazing teacher and I was blown away at his ability to get us dancing after just one lesson.  Martyn has made learning to dance far easier than we ever thought possible, showing great patience at all times.  He encourages us when things don't go quite right and is very good at suggesting ways to improve.  

We have great fun at the classes.  Martyn has a great sense of humour and we would definitely recommend 'Step In Time Dance Studio' to anyone wanting to learn to dance and meet new people.  You won't regret it!
J and C Dec 2011

I never thought Ballroom or Latin dancing would be my thing.  My wife had danced when young, but for me it was a whole new experience.  Three years later I still aspire to be as good as the 'Strictly' contestants on week one, but it's been a lot of fun and we have made many good friends. 

Martyn is a very good and forgiving teacher as we have invariably forgotten what he taught us the week before, and he patiently repeats the steps and gradually we learn.  The ability to go to functions and do a waltz and particularly a good rock and roll has even impressed the children.  If in doubt, give it a go!
M & H Feb 2012

My now wife and I started taking dance lessons with Martyn back two and a half years ago when it was my sisters wedding.  I'm your typical man with what i thought were two left feet but after my first lesson both me and my wife decided to keep on going. Martyn starts right at the basics and goes back over everything you have learnt week after week. I was quite surprised that i was picking it all up so quickly. 

Fast forward 2 years and i got engaged to my wife and we decided to do something special for our first dance. So we chose a waltz something very traditional but our music choice was more modern. (it was a song from shrek)

We had i think 5 lessons in total to organise our first dance and although we had been dancing for a while even if we hadn't danced before i believe whole heartedly that i could have learnt it in those 5 lessons from being a complete novice.  Martyn talks you through every step he really is a fantastic teacher.

We had so many people saying how beautiful the dance was and were amazed i could do it.  I really recommend Martyn, it is a final touch that will make your guests stand back in awe.

thanks again 
T & S July 2012